Lisbon is the cheapest capital of Western Europe, where can you order a bottle of wine on a terrace in the sun for less than € 10? In Lisbon!



The city is one of the world’s most beautiful historic cities. The city has several viewpoints where you have the most phenomenal view over the city and the beaches.



In less than 3 hours you will be at Lisbon airport. During your stay, a visit to Lisbon is within easy reach, from your accommodation you can enter the city in less than 50 minutes and without traffic jams!



The mild climate makes the city a pleasant destination all year round, in winter when most European capitals are covered with snow, the temperature in Lisbon is barely below 10 degrees.

Maybe you have ever been there, or was it still on your wish list: Lisbon, the colorful capital of Portugal. Lisbon is characterized by beautiful buildings, historic districts, diverse cultures and of course its beautiful beaches. After a delicious (affordable) dinner with the best Portuguese wines you will agree with us that Portuguese are very hospitable. The city is compact, so you can see a lot in a day. Need more reasons to pay a visit to this fine city? We have listed them for you!

Festivals & Evenements

Between religion and revolution, there are many events and festivals in Lisbon. Party with the best events in Lisbon! According to the locals, the ‘sardines’ party is the spectacle of the year. From 15 May to 15 July you can therefore enjoy the various events in Lisbon such as Gay Parade, parades, fado concerts and so on!

In the month of June all street parties are held for three weeks due to Festas dos Santos Populares. Lissabonners celebrate the birthday of the patron saints. The patron saint of Lisbon is ‘Sint Anthonius’, which will be honored in the night of 12 to 13 June. After the earthquake in 1755, this fiesta came into being, in which the Igreja de Santo António (church) became damaged. Every year several saints came to the festival. During Festas dos Santos Populares there are also book markets, small music concerts.

The first two weeks of August are festively opened annually with the Festival dos Oceanos. This festival turns the city into a theater with concerts, exhibitions, fado nights, street artists and museums that are open at night.

Eat &  Drink

Would you like to dine on a culinary level? Then these restaurants are recommended for you! Tasca da Esquina is a Michelin star worthy restaurant and very popular among the locals. Due to the popularity of this restaurant, we advise you to make a reservation in advance. In a former convent from the 13th century and also the oldest brewery in Portugal, the restaurant Cervejaria Trindade is located. In this beautiful building a restaurant is divided into five different rooms, made for a special evening out. In Cervejaria Trindade typical Portuguese dishes are served, in short enough reason to eat here. In addition to these culinary delights, there are also plenty of restaurants where you can dine cheaply.


Those who love shopping are in the right place in Lisbon! The difference from large department stores and shopping centers to small boutiques in the city is great! From haute couture to vintage and from chic to H&M. You are amazed by the diverse range of shops in Lisbon! The main shopping area in Lisbon is Rua Augusta and the surrounding streets. The advantage in this shopping area is that you can shop undisturbed, because no cars are allowed to drive here. For the department stores such as the H & M and the small shops you can best go to the Chiado district, the more expensive brands like Prada and Armani can be found in the Avenida da Liberade!

The elongated coastline is characteristic of the city. Lisbon is the only European capital that is so close to the coast, allowing you to combine your visit to museums with a refreshing dip in the Atlantic.

Going out
Lisbon’s nightlife is considered one of the best in Europe. Nightlife starts at sunset and continues until the early morning. The old city comes alive at night on the tones of the Fado singers and musicians. If you walk further to the city center, you will find an extensive range of outdoor cafes, bars and discos on the banks of the Tagus.

Child friendly
For the little ones there is plenty to do in Lisbon. You can walk with the children through the underwater world of the aquarium Oceanário de Lisboa. But also a day at the Lisbon Zoo Jardim Zoológic is a must.

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